Mom called to tell me about something she had seen on the news regarding the change over to digital signals for television come February. I don’t have cable and we’re pretty sure that my tv isn’t capable of receiving the digital broadcast.

She also said that she’s having a hard time coming up with something to get me for Christmas other than my request for a new futon mattress for my living room. (Mine is now about 5 years old and no longer good for guests to sleep on. While the frame is in awesome shape – even after being moved about 7 times in 5 years, the mattress leaves a lot to be desired…) Usually she gets me a pretty piece of jewelry, something fun for the kitchen, SOCKS because I’m forever losing them, one year new tires for my car – but she doesn’t like doing that for the holiday…But I really don’t know what to tell her for this year.

She suggested getting me a new tv because in her reasoning, the converter was about $50. She could get me a new tv for about $200. On Sale! This works in her head as being reasonable.

I told her that she couldn’t do that, she got pissy with me, saying, “you can’t tell me what to do!”

Ok, ok. I’m sorry. Get me more stuff…

Here’s the kicker. As I look around my apartment at all my stuff, I can’t think of anything I want or need. (I mean I’d like new throw pillows for my futon, new sheets for my bed, I’ll need some new clothes eventually…but right now there’s nothing I really NEED or want all that much.)

See – my apartment is tiny. (450 sq feet including the bathroom, kithchen and pantry.) I don’t have room for more stuff..

In fact, I want to GET RID of stuff I think.

Granted a lot of my “stuff” is art/craft related and I’ve invested a lot of time and money into it. Frankly, I’d be rather lost without some of it. So it stays!

But the books? The random stuff? I think it has to GO.

I’m going to see if the used book store wants them, clothes can go to the donation bin at Hannaford. (I think it’s swell that they let them put the bins in the parking lot.)

This weekend while I’m waiting for paint to dry, I might have to purge more stuff. Anyone have suggestions on getting rid of it all? I looked into Ebay, but the new rules and stuff makes my head spin so I don’t think I’ll be doing that…craigslist? Does Goodwill take everything?