I got an email from a coworker this morning to please stop by her office when I got a chance. I figured it was to sign a baby card for another coworker.

I was not correct.

According to Money Management International today is National Regifting Day.

She had read about this last night and decided that she was going to partake. (Apparently she has some well meaning in-laws who just don’t understand her taste. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a sweetie and appreciates the thought involved, but its just not her style.)

She went to her basement, pulled a bunch of stuff from the wedding, various holidays and gosh only knows when, wrapped them up and brought them to work. Then we all had to pick a gift and open it! It was actually a lot of fun with some good laughs.

I got a bottle of Avon’s today*TOMORROW*always and KC received the TODAY*tomorrow*always. (We’re curious to know who received the today*tomorrow*ALWAYS bottle…)JG got a bottle of Avon Peach lotion. JM got a “crystal” table lamp that her aunt will LOVE so she’s further regifting it to her.

I think next year I’m going to plan a Regifting Event, with karaoke.

I often receive gifts that while I don’t love them, it was very kind and thoughtful of the giver to think of me…but I can think of someone in my circle of friends/family who would absolutely LOVE it.

My question is this:Is it bad to regift if you think someone will genuinely appreciate it?