So I’ve been trying really hard with the savings, budgeting, etc – but I had to take money out of my savings account (linked to checking) for two things. It really stung to do so, I actually thought about waiting it out, but decided that these expenses were necessary.

First, I had to pay a $30 feel to apply for a job with the state. (I hope they let me take this test, there is no reason they shouldn’t, but if I can’t take it? They don’t give me my money back. If you’re wondering, I think that’s crap.)

I applied to take the test because if I take it and get one of the open jobs? It’ll be more money right off the bat AND a significant increase for next year.

(Of course I applied for jobs in Texas too, so we’ll see if anything pans out.)

The second thing I took money out for was a new laptop AC adapter.  Last night I was sitting there and all the sudden my laptop shocked me! I looked down and the power light on the adapter was off. 😦

I knew that this was probably coming. Needing a new one – not getting shocked. I had taped the connection together months ago and was waiting to see what to do in the mean time.

Well, my hand was forced. I went to and they had some on sale. It was still more than I wanted to spend, but I also had two $25 gift cards for BestBuy so I only paid about $40 for the adapter.

The good news from last night? My student loan was bought out and they sent me my new payment amount. It’s about $100 now which is good news in a way. They also reduced my interest to 4.7% which isn’t fantastic, but MUCH less than the personal loans through my bank.

I’ll take it for now and when I figure out what I’m going to do about a new(er) car and finish the credit card debt I can re-evaluate what’s being paid to the student loan people.

Of course, if I were to win Mega Millions, this would all be resolved…