As part of my goals for 2009, I vowed to read more. I’m aiming for a book a week, but sometimes it takes longer.  I’m plugging along though.

I won’t do a typical book review because frankly I hate them. What I’m going to do is 10 lines of 10 words or less. I’ll try not to ruin any endings or give away major twists.

Hopefully it will give you enough of an idea about if you want to read the book or not.


Solomon vs. Lord (Paul Levine)

“Slacker” Rule Breaking lawyer meets By the Book recent graduate.

End up on the same side of the courtroom

Trying major murder case; client is innocent or is she?

Rule Breaker and By the Book falling in love story

Lawyers work together to get official custody of nephew

Decently written side characters to provide comic relief.

Interesting twists and to keep you on your toes

Lots of Jewish phrasing/ “culture” thrown in for good measure

Makes you want the underdog to come out on top.

Loved it! Have read it several times – good laughs.


There you have it. Go get it from the library and read it. Let me know what you think!