Not going to even try and lie, I’m flat out. The last couple weeks have been insanely crazy busy and I’m behind in everything. Sigh.

When I get this flat out, I get seriously overwhelmed and just crawl into bed and sleep (which is probably what I need most about now, about a day’s worth of sleep…)

This isn’t productive. (Go ahead, say it with me – “Duh.”)

Instead, I make a To-Do list. I know it’s fairly common to have one, but I only really need one when I’m this far gone.

Here’s what’s on mine now (in no particular order):
___blog posts/updates for my other blog
_X_get frames for some pictures I want to hang (even found them for $5 each)
___frame and hang pictures
_X_take more Splenda to work
___get frog stamp for Etsy Shop
___fill out font sheets
___do something to my nails
___bring extra tv into work for my secretary’s daughter
___get oil changed
___get car inspected
___make new mixed cds
___figure out what cable it takes to connect my laptop to my tv
_X_cut coupons for grocery shopping (and they’re separated by store)
_X_get rid of expired coupons
___change sheets on my bed
___figure out what to make for aunt’s bday party
___bday presents for A, S, and L
___make more muffins
___get groceries (another entire list)
___return items to
___thaw chicken from freezer
___clean kitchen
___finish washing dishes
___clean out fridge
_X_do something with apple pie (I ate it. For shame)
___get rid of extra vacuum
___find Nora Roberts book for boss
_X_bring in National Treasure for boss
___get haircut
___transfer $62 to ING
___put laundry away

This isn’t by far the final list, just how it stands at 9am today. Nor does it include anything work related. Ha! Hopefully, it’ll be able to be done this weekend and I’ll update it on Sunday to show my progress.


What’s on your To-Do List?