found money?

I shop online. Not going to lie. It’s easy, convenient and often better prices than in the store. Since the introduction, I’ve made use of it.

Yesterday, I found Ebates 

(A little annoyed I didn’t know about this last month considering I did a bunch of online shopping for my party, but that’s ok.)

By shopping at places I shop online anyway, I get a certain percentage of my shopping back. 6% at 3% at iTunes 4% at Target (and those are just the ones I shop at regularly! The extensive list can be found here. (There’s even some fun places I didn’t know existed! anyone?)

I got $5 for signing up. (And not going to lie, another $5 for anyone who sign up with this link and goes on to make a purchase through Ebates.) 

It cost me nothing to sign up, they’ll send my money to my PayPal account…and its places I shop anyway.

Why not? Extra snow flakes won’t hurt!


I was reading blogs this morning and saw this post. She talkes about getting some stock in GM (about $100 worth – and at $2-$4 a share, that’s quite a few shares…)

(Simple math folks:  if I got 50 shares at $2 a share and it went up to $20 a share. Well, I have my 50 shares and they’re now at $20 a share so then I have $1,000. If it returns to $30 a share then it’s $1,500. Or am I missing something?)

I actually had a similar thought not too long ago. Not specifically about GM, but about the low priced stocks.

Any thoughts? I figure the stock market is like Vegas, “Don’t put anything in you can’t afford to lose.”  and I’d have to look at some things, but I could probably afford to lose $100. I did get that bonus after all…and it’s not ALL gone.

Thoughts? Can you even buy that little of stock?

If enough of us bought $100 worth of stock would it help the market or be wasted money? This turn around won’t happen over night, but I have faith that it will happen.

I made a decision regarding the bonus…

(It will apply to any and all income regardless of the amount or source. )

While I did use more than I anticipated on baking supplies, shipping supplies and a few left over holiday gifts that needed to be purchased, I did put 10% of it into my savings and accounted for it on the balance sheet I created to track it before I spent any of it.

I’ve made the executive decision that any and all income (from work, surveys, gifts etc) will have 10% put into savings right off the bat. This does not include flex spending accounts because it goes into a different account entirely and I’m trying to save it independently.

While officially my budget tracking doesn’t start until January (new year, new start) I figure it can’t hurt to get a jump start and practice.

So our bonus End of the Year Performance Dividend” was handed out yesterday. It was more than I expected, but less than I hoped.

BUT considering a good portion of our budget relies on school budgets and participation it’s understandable. That and the economy being what it is…oh well.

The question now is: What should I do with it?

I have some holiday shopping I’m going to finish with a bit of it but that’s not more than about $100.

There are some items that I would like to pick up for Etsy supplies, but I don’t NEED them…I could put it in the new laptop/new camera fund…

What do you do with “extra money”?