I shop online. Not going to lie. It’s easy, convenient and often better prices than in the store. Since the introduction, I’ve made use of it.

Yesterday, I found Ebates 

(A little annoyed I didn’t know about this last month considering I did a bunch of online shopping for my party, but that’s ok.)

By shopping at places I shop online anyway, I get a certain percentage of my shopping back. 6% at Drugstore.com 3% at iTunes 4% at Target (and those are just the ones I shop at regularly! The extensive list can be found here. (There’s even some fun places I didn’t know existed! eBags.com anyone?)

I got $5 for signing up. (And not going to lie, another $5 for anyone who sign up with this link and goes on to make a purchase through Ebates.) 

It cost me nothing to sign up, they’ll send my money to my PayPal account…and its places I shop anyway.

Why not? Extra snow flakes won’t hurt!