So, I’m a bad blogger and should be banished from posting. I’ve been a BUSY CourtneyRyan though and will be back soon.

I’ve read some books, had some company come visit, lost a bestish friend, been sick, been working, living life etc. PLUS I had a party to help stimulate the economy. I haven’t saved as much as I hope, but bygones. The smiles were money well spent.

I havne’t been tracking my budgets as I should, but my bills have been paid (almost all on time, and all before the grace period was up!) and there’s money left in my account when I get paid again so I think that’s good.

As for the gym, I got sick with an upper respiratory thing and had 2 asthma like attacks in the past month. I’m working my way back there, but breathing is still tough sometimes and the doctor wants me to take it easy. I have been teaching swimming and that’s 4 hours of exercise a week there and dancing around my apartment when the mood strikes me

I’m eating a lot of food at home, cooking when I can and trying not to buy so much out and about. Some days? Its hard!

I realize that the above seem like excuses, but I’ve set some pretty serious goals for myself and am taking small steps to get there rather than radical changes, besides, I’ve decided to be a little less hard on myself sometimes.

I have to go home and have dinner with my family tonight before my brother heads back to TX. I’ll post more this week/weekend on what I’ve been up to and some cool things I’ve discovered.


Happy New Years to everyone! I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a year full of Peace, Love & Happiness. I hope that 2009 shapes up to be better than 2008 – even if you had a good year!

So I opened a ING account for savings. As of today, there’s only $20 in it, but I’m having $25 put in each paycheck – hopefully, I won’t even miss it. (My raise will be about $43 per paycheck.) I can also send money to it whenever I want from my checking account.

I’m also toying with the idea of putting 10% of one paycheck into my local savings account and then 10% of the other paycheck into the ING account. That way, I have some money in case of emergency, but not access to all of it right away. (ING has a 2 business day transfer time to get your money back.)

Even if I don’t send any more money to the ING account, by this time next year, I’ll have $650 put in, plus interest.

I’m also going to be linking my other checking account to the ING account so I can put half of my HSA flex money into it directly. (That will be an additional $425 a year!)

By the way, I’m doing 10% of my TAKE HOME pay, not that the amount before taxes. For now, if I get a new job or make more money, I’ll change that. For now, it’s less panic inducing to do it this way and I’m still saving money.

I realize that the amounts and goals that I’m talking about are a lot lower than many of you are looking at both for savings and debts – but baby steps in savings for me…I’ve never been a saver and this is new to me!

I’m also going to try and update goals/debts monthly in my side bars so I can see my progress. Does anyone know where I can get those cute little progress bars for wordpress?